Funfair is in Our Town!

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It has been a long time since the lockdown started and everything in our daily lives changed. For mums who are not used to staying at home with the kids all day, it has been very challenging. Especially if you have to work from home. Others will have found this period to be a precious moment for spending more relaxed, quality time with their children. But we all are facing the same questions of how we can occupy our children with interesting activities, how to educate them at home, and how to entertain them.

The entertainment question could be answered if you are lucky enough for a big funfair to come to your town. The fair has been to our local area and was an amazing opportunity for us to have some fun with our baby boy and provide a form of relief from reality.

Lucas is more than a year old now, so he is so curious and eager to explore the world. The fair was such a great event for us as parents too, brightening up our life with its colourful lighting and magical world. To be honest, I don’t know who was more excited: baby Lucas driving a small car, ringing the train bell, or us, watching him and seeing how happy he was!

Of course, there were still some restrictions, such as social distancing and sanitising your hands, but the funfair workers were so nice, looking after their guests. It was a time for forgetting your worries or the current situation, and to enjoy the fair as kids would do normally. It was Lucas’s very first time at a funfair so we took a load of photos and videos. The afternoon needed to be captured!

I believe that everything will be fine again and everyone will be able to enjoy Halloween, which is coming very soon! This will be such a great event for having fun, family time, doing autumn crafts and pumpkin carving!