In the Daisy Field

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It has been a long time since my husband Jacob lived in the county of Hertfordshire, in the small town of Ware, surrounded by lovely English countryside. When I moved with Jacob to start our new life in London, I brought my very old Labrador, Orion, with me so we would frequently escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When I first visited Ware, and particularly incredibly cosy village of Braughing, with its quintessentially English houses, I fell in love with this stunning countryside. Since then, we have visited Braughing regularly.

At first we took our old Lab, and then when he died, our new canine friend Tony, who is a rescue dog and had been really badly treated. Then, we added another four-legged friend to our ‘pack’, a border-collie-cross called Charlie. Our life was complete and our hearts fulfilled by welcoming into the world our baby boy Lucas, and since then we have had a real sense of FAMILY!

We are quite energetic and adventurous, so every free day we are hiking somewhere with our dogs and of course with our baby. Moreover, Jacob and I love to capture every precious moment we can enjoy together. One of these moments was in fields near Braughing. We spotted a beautiful meadow full of wild daisies, so we stayed for a while there and enjoyed the sunny afternoon and amazing sunset. I love these moments, when we are together, somewhere in nature, feeling so free and letting Lucas explore the world.

I just wish for you and for our family that we will have more days like these!