Magnesite Bracelet with Terracotta or Brown Jasper, Woman Handmade Bracelet, Natural White Magnesite Gemstone, Crystal Healing Bracelet


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Women´s Handmade Bracelet, Magnesite Bracelet with Jasper, Natural White Magnesite Gemstone, Crystal Healing Bracelet

These handcrafted bracelets are perfect for any occasion. They make lovely gifts that enhance a positive mindset. Each gemstone has different qualities, and the bracelets could be used for therapeutic purposes or meditation tools – as we detail below. Our bracelets are handmade from real, natural gemstones only. We use trustworthy suppliers who can prove the authenticity and origin of the gemstones. The white magnesite bracelets are decorated with beautiful shiny bead caps from quality stainless steel (K-130) and Czech Crystal components. The bracelets are designated in Britain and handmade by artisans in Bohemian region in the Czech Republic.

Magnesite with Terracotta Jasper: 20,1 cm or 21,1 cm are available
Magnesite with Brown Jasper: 20,1 cm only

Gift bag included

CARE: Although our bracelets are made from high quality gemstones and components, the special care is recommended to avoid any unnecessary damage. From time to time the gemstones need cleansing (so-called ´Sun Bath´). We do not recommend swimming with our bracelets in sea, as Crystal components could be unchained by salt water.

PROTECTING RAINFOREST: Each time you make a purchase, Boho Mum Shop will donate one pound to the Justice for Nature organization to protect the Sumatra rainforest and endangered species in Central Europe and in Costa Rica.


MAGNESITE has a calming and soothing effect on human feelings. It brings resistance to emotional stress. It is a great support for nervous and shy people. It also helps in managing relationships with people who are challenging to deal with. Magnesite can bring deceptions to the surface. It teaches listening and learning from other people. Magnesite has a strong effect on the mind, reconciling the two cerebral hemispheres. It evokes stimulating ideas and facilitates their use in practice.

Magnesite is also great for meditation, as it brings deep peace. Placed on the so-called ‘third eye’, it enhances the process of visualization and dynamic imagination, as well as revolutionary ideas. It also opens the heart chakra and brings heartfelt love and it could help to open the crown chakra.

THERAPEUTIC USE: Magnesite, as its name suggests, helps the absorption of magnesium in the body. It also detoxifies and purifies our body from toxins. It cleanses and strengthens the body. This gemstone is great for the treatment of bones, teeth, PMS, stomach and intestines, and strengthens blood circulation. Magnesite improves thyroid function and lowers cholesterol. It relaxes muscles and cramps and regulates body temperature.


The name JASPER comes from Greek word jaspisínés, which means ‘speckled stone’. Traditionally, jasper brings the energy and determination to fulfil the intentions and goals of the person who wears it. It gives the courage to identify and solve a problem. On a mental level, jasper helps you think faster. It improves organisational skills, and the ability to understand things in context and see complexity. It encourages the development of the imagination and importantly, the subsequent transformation of ideas into actions. On the physical level, it deepens sensory perception and enhances sexuality. It also helps during long-term illnesses or hospitalisations and supplies healing energy to the body.

THERAPEUTIC USE: Reduces fever, cleanses the circulatory system, supports the liver, blood vessels and blood circulation, and removes blockages. It maintains the balance of minerals in the human body.


Disclaimer: Although minerals are widely used as a therapeutic remedy for many diseases, they cannot replace medical help. If you have any serious health problem, always consult a qualified medical doctor. You may also wish to explore ‘alternative’ medicine. However, minerals can help during long-term illnesses by promoting peace of mind and well-being, which is a very important aspect of healing.

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