Handcrafted Rose Quartz Bracelets with Crystal Quartz, Handmade Gemstone Bracelet, Crystal Healing Chakra Bracelet, Rose Quartz


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These women´s HADNCRAFTED ROSE QUARTZ BRACELETS WITH CRYSTAL QUARTZ are perfect for any occasion. They make lovely gifts that enhance a positive mindset. Each gemstone has different qualities, and the bracelets could be used for therapeutic purposes or meditation tools – as we detail below. Our bracelets are handmade from real, natural gemstones only. We use trustworthy suppliers who can prove the authenticity and origin of the gemstones. The rose quartz bracelets are decorated with beautiful shiny bead caps from quality stainless steel (K-130) and Czech Crystal components. The bracelets are designated in Britain and handmade by artisans in Bohemian region in the Czech Republic.

1.) 22 cm
2.) 21 cm
3.) 21, 5 cm
4.) 21, 5 cm

* Gift bag included *

CARE: Although our bracelets are made from high quality gemstones and components, the special care is recommended to avoid any unnecessary damage. From time to time the gemstones need cleansing (so-called ´Sun Bath´). We do not recommend swimming with our bracelets in sea, as Crystal components could be unchained by salt water.

PROTECTING RAINFOREST: Each time you make a purchase, Boho Mum Shop will donate one pound to the Justice for Nature organization to protect the Sumatra rainforest and endangered species in Central Europe and in Costa Rica.


ROSE QUARTZ awakens in us a feeling of tenderness, meekness, friendship and selfless love. It helps shy or nervous people express their deep hidden feelings. This gemstone also deepens our sensitivity to art, especially music, reviving in us imagination, rich inspiration and creative spirit. It is one of the most important crystals for the heart and heart chakra. If you want to attract love, rose quartz will be the best crystal for you. It is believed that if you place it next to the bed or in a corner of your home, it will attract love and new relationships. In existing relationships, it restores trust and harmony and encourages expressions of selfless love.

THERAPEUTIC USE: Rose quartz regulates the heart rhythm and could help with insomnia, especially if the cause is nervousness or emotional mood. It also helps as a treatment for infertility and conditions related to sexual dysfunction. It can help with blood diseases such as anaemia or leukaemia. Used internally, ‘rose water’ could neutralise the toxins that we accumulate in ourselves daily through our thoughts, actions or poor lifestyle. It could be used also to treat skin inflammations. Rose quartz is traditionally used as a cleanser of ‘electromagnetic smog’, or radiation, from computers or TV.