Strawberry Field Horsham: Family-Friendly Adventures in West Sussex

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Nestled amidst the enchanting English countryside, Strawberry Field in Horsham beckons travelers and families to a delightful adventure. Just a short drive from London and a stone’s throw from Crawley, this charming destination offers a day filled with vibrant strawberry-picking, the laughter of children, and the sweet scent of ripe berries. Join us on our journey through Strawberry Field at New House Farm Shop and discover the amazing experiences that await at this hidden gem in the heart of Horsham. From the Great Sandwich Race to rolling on meadows and indulging in homemade muffins, every moment here is infused with the simple family pleasures of summer life!

Café Exploration and the Great Sandwich Race

The Strawberry Field in Horsham is conveniently located not far from our West Sussex home. It took us just about 30 minutes to reach the car park at New House Farm Shop. Stepping into the Farm’s café, our little explorers’ eyes lit up with excitement. Despite our adventurous decision to dine on the patio and enjoying relaxing Saturday afternoon, our children had different plans and were on a mission to explore every nook and cranny of the café, so our lunch felt more like the Great Sandwich Race! Our one-year-old son, who was already a fast walker, darted around alongside our lively 3-year-old, while our baby girl preferred the safety of crawling or holding our hands as she took her tentative first steps. It soon became clear that our best course of action would be to head straight to Strawberry Field.

Picking Juicy Strawberries

After our hurried lunch, our little family adventure led us to the green strawberry field, full of red, yummy strawberries. Just before the entrance, you can buy medium or large baskets for your picking. We usually choose the bigger one, as it is made from sturdy paper card and looks super cute! Soon, our baskets overflowed with nature’s delicious gems. Our three-year-old, brimming with excitement, was so thrilled that he could pick all the strawberries right from the field and load them into our basket.

Time for snapshots of the super cute strawberry bag

Meanwhile, during our strawberry picking, our baby girl fell asleep in a double pram (haha, our twins very rarely nap at the same time, as I mentioned in the previous blog). This nap provided us with the perfect opportunity to take some photos of the handcrafted strawberry bag for my Boho Mum Shop. Jacob helped me, finally having free hands. Normally, I take photos with my camera, but there are times when my hubby takes charge to assist with quick snapshots when I need some help. His patience in these moments is a beautiful display of affection and kindness. Just as I do many things for him, he is always there for me too!

Rolling on Meadows and Free-Spirited Moments

On our way back, our baskets brimming with strawberries, it was time to bid farewell to Horsham Strawberry Field. While my husband pushed the pram with our peacefully napping Victoria, my energetic three-year-old and I seized the opportunity for some fun, with Ollie snug in a carrier bag. Lucas’s infectious joy led to spontaneous bursts of running through the fields and even rolling on the nearby meadow, which I found to be so precious – these were the free-spirited moments that life’s all about. Laughter filled the air, and I made a conscious effort to be fully present in the moment, etching this memory into my mommy-mind.

Strawberry Treats and Homemade Muffins

Upon our return home, we found ourselves with an abundance of strawberries, so I decided to whip up some refreshing strawberry smoothies for everyone. With an excess of berries, I opted to freeze three boxes for future use. We still had plenty of strawberries left, so I asked Lucas if he’d like to join Mommy in baking some muffins. He absolutely adores baking, so our baking session began. Since Lucas has a severe egg allergy, finding the right recipe was a bit tricky, but I managed to find one that looked promising. As the delightful aroma filled our kitchen, it was time for our strawberry afternoon tea party!

Final reflections

I definitely recommend Strawberry Field in Horsham, West Sussex, to every family seeking a delightful local day out filled with laughter, spontaneity, and unforgettable moments. From the café exploration to the thrilling strawberry picking, rolling on meadows, and enjoying sweet delights back home, every experience is infused with the joy of summer and the warmth of family togetherness. As a mother of three, these precious weekend moments serve as a reminder of the unique bonds we share with our children and our ability to relish the simple pleasures that summer life has to offer.

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