Laundry Day

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In our house the washing machine is on every day and since we had our first baby, I can’t even imagine a day without washing clothes. So for us ‘laundry day’ is actually an everyday ritual but our toddler helps makes it special.

He loves being around us, especially helping us with everything household chores. And because we wash clothes so frequently, I wanted to choose an eco laundry powder and liquid as much as possible, which would also lack chemicals that could harm a baby’s sensitive skin.

So if you come to our house, you would see that we use mainly Ecover and Fysio products for washing. These brands are so amazing and I love them not only because they are eco-friendly, but also for their no-animal testing policy which is important for us.

I want to include our almost 3-year-old son Lucas in everyday household work as much as I can. Sometimes it’s really challenging and needs a lot of patience because it slows me right down! But the great thing is that I establish nice little rituals around the house and encourage my toddler to help me with developing his motor skills.

Since I became aware of how many chemicals we normally use in our household and have been involved in ecology and animal rights, I came across the brand Ecover. It took another four years to find the Greek brand Fysio, which I sought out because our Lucas has suffered with eczema since he was 3 months old. And for those reasons, we have stuck with these two brands.

Fortunately, we have moved from an old Victorian London house to a new house in the beautiful West Sussex countryside and with other things that we have changed and improved, Lucas’s eczema has disappeared completely.

I can’t describe how happy we are to see Lucas growing up without skin irritation and itchy, sleepless nights. He is now a happy little boy and since he has been able to stand up on his own and touch the buttons on the washing machine, he is always around the laundry basket helping his mummy. I love to watch him when he is sitting in the laundry basket and pretending he is sailing a boat with his polar bear. So we have managed to transform quite a boring task into a big home adventure and funny toddler activity. I can’t wait to see if he will carry on helping into his teenage years, haha!

A few words about Ecover:

The Belgian eco-friendly brand Ecover is one of the few brands that are environmentally friendly from the production through to the use of their products, as they are organically biodegradable in nature. Ecover products are primarily made from natural or mineral substances and mostly avoid both phosphates and petrochemicals. Furthermore, this Belgian brand is participating in a cruelty-free programme, as indicated by the leaping bunny logo as proof of the official certification process. Their products are green, smell beautiful and most of all, they are effective in tackling dirt!

A few words about Fysio:  

The Greek company Fysio brings you a combination of Mediterranean scents such as Virgin Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Bees Wax and Shea Butter into your household with amazing natural products such as hand soaps, massage oils, washing powder and even Greek spices! I absolutely love their washing powder for new-borns made from 100% natural ingredients. The mixture of grated olive oil soaps, chamomile extract, lavender and calendula creates an absolutely stunning fragrance for a washing powder, like something from ancient Greece. The Fysio company use only natural ingredients and so they are easily biodegradable in the environment. I wish I could see their products on the shelves of ordinary convenience stores and supermarkets, as Fysio products are currently available mainly on Amazon.