Lucas’s first haircut

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As the restrictions eased a little more, English pubs and restaurants have begun to become crowded with laughing people and other services such as hairdressers are fully booked a month in advance. Personally, I would like Lucas to have long hair, he reminds me of a little sunny smiling sun! However, with the arrival of the first hot summer days in June, his hair became very impractical, falling into his eyes all the time. Even my combing it to one side no longer worked and it was clear that Lucas would have another a very special day – his first haircut!

And because I knew that this is also a wonderful opportunity to make a family day special and festive, I started looking for a suitable children’s hairdresser in our area. After entering ‘kids’ hairdresser’ into Google Maps I was presented with around 10 hairdressers around Brighton and in West Sussex. I carefully examined each one and was most impressed by a Brighton and Hove hairdresser called ‘Bertie and Belle’.

What is absolutely fantastic about Bertie and Belle is that the whole interior is really geared towards the kids. The chairs are small cars (blue, red or pink), and it’s full of interactive entertainment , so you don’t have to worry about your child having his first big day at the hairdresser’s spoiled by crying. I also looked at Bertie and Belle’s Instagram and the photos looked absolutely gorgeous! One-year-old babies had such cute haircuts that I was convinced that this hairdresser was very professional and also a friendly environment for kids.

I booked the earliest date available, but we still had to wait for our appointment for almost a month, because it was fully booked before that. When our appointment day came it was grey and rainy and we were excited that we could spend some of this dull day in such a fun place. The hairdresser was super friendly and Lucas was very excited by all the cars and the new environment. He immediately wanted to drive a blue car and grabbed the wheel. The kind hairdresser turned on his favourite song the Wheels on the Bus on YouTube, and transformed the place from a hairdresser into a kids’ cinema! When the hairdresser started cutting Lucas’s hair, the long strands spiralled downwards and I asked myself: “Where is my boy with the cute long hair?!”

It took a few minutes and then before me stood the new Lucas, more like a little boy than ever! The hairdresser also took a beautiful picture of him and then started preparing a diploma with a photo and a little piece of his long hair to commemorate his first haircut. Wow, how proud we were! After leaving the hairdresser, we walked through Brighton and to the beach. Lucas was running happily with his yellow balloon from the hairdresser and it was really clear that he felt one hundred percent better with his new haircut! His hair no longer bothers him and what’s more, he looks like a big boy!