Winter morning wonderland in West Sussex

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Whenever I see my friends sharing amazing photos of snowy mountains in the shining sun, I feel like getting in a car and driving straight there! For me, the autumn and winter in England merge into one long period that I nickname ‘Muddy and Moody’ – all those grey, rainy days merging so that one day is the same as all the rest. As a result, any moment that reminds you of the beauty of a snowy winter is one to be cherished!

Such a moment came earlier this month when we woke to the magic of the winter landscape. It hadn’t snowed but the trees were covered with a hoarfrost which enveloped the landscape in a frozen fairy-tale blanket.

After more than five years of living in England, I know that such freezing frosty days in these days of climate change are truly exceptional and snow even more so!

So, we didn’t hesitate for a moment; we packed our backpacks, dressed warmly, including our doggies, and went on a long hike around our hometown. Of course, I didn’t forget my camera because I’d been waiting for weather like that for weeks!

Not far from our house is a beautiful pathway that winds through local meadows, pastures and forests. When we emerged into the first meadow surrounded by woodland, we came across a winter fairy tale. A white pony watched us from a corral, completing the magical scene. We all stopped to enjoy the unique moment and view of the frozen landscape.

After a while, Lucas waved goodbye to the pony, as he walked alongside the forest. We watched little Lucas and how his eyes sparkled with childish joy as he took each little step, inspecting the frozen bramble leaves and playing with our dogs. The dogs, of course, were more interested in running, fetching and sniffing than in taking part in any of our photo shoots!

After just an hour, the morning frost began to fade until it finally disappeared completely. As we headed for home the classic ‘muddy and moody’ weather returned, but we went in the happy knowledge that we had finally got to enjoy a frosty winter fairy tale for at least a short time!